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I believe that stories and culture are at the heart of great
 innovation  design.

I see culture as the stories that profoundly shape and bring people together or apart regardless of demographic, geography or category. Culture is also the context found outside of the brand world - the white space where you can find untapped opportunities for innovation. As a storyteller, researcher and strategist, this is where my expertise lays. I'm passionate about uncovering and telling stories that frame human-centred and culturally relevant opportunities for business and societal impact.

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Insights, Trends
& Culture

My experience is in helping brands uncover and understand the culture of its audience and the future trends that will impact their lives and the bottom line of the business. I bring a blend of disciplines to my methodology, such as journalism, ethnography, design research and branding; as well as a glocalised perspective formed as a Third Culture kid with deep experience in Asia. If you are looking for a researcher and strategist to help your brand make sense of culture and the future of your category, I'd love to hear from you.

Brand & Human-centred Design

I believe that in order for a brand to thrive it must not only provide utility but create meaning for its customers. My background in content creation, branding, advertising and human-centred design gives me the unique perspective to create desirable and effective customer experiences.

& Public Speaking

Storytelling is not only what I do in my career, but is an integral part of how I make sense of the world outside of work and contribute to my community. I enjoy writing stories that help people gain new perspectives about life and career, and about how culture shapes the identity of people and places. 

I was once a regular op-ed columnist for Rappler, Yahoo! Philippines, and Lifestyle Asia. Until now I contribute pieces to industry publications and speak at events. 


In my free time, I coach professionals and research about the Future of Work.

I founded Rising Sideways - a research & editorial project that aims to help people take control, redesign and future proof their career while challenging outdated norms about career development and learning.

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