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Making sense of the future

The future of work with Nespresso Singapore

Led and wrote a quantitative and qualitative research study commissioned by Nespresso Professional Singapore about the role that coffee culture plays in the future of work. 

The future of Indian Weddings with IHG

Led a cultural research project, using quant & qual methods, to identify a white space proposition in the Indian wedding market that the Intercontinental Hotel Group can uniquely own & leverage across its portfolio.

In the spring of 2020, an eager group of strategists from around the world decided to chronicle what COVID-19 was doing to human behaviour and make sense of what this meant for our future.  Through this research, we have attempted to boil down all the signals we were seeing into a set of tensions that are defining the new day to day decisions we make – leading to a set of insights and questions for any organisation to help people navigate these new tensions. At the root of it all is empathy. Empathy may be slightly bastardised as of late, but its core components are what lies behind these social shifts. The question is, will they sustain? Read the study here. 

A more resilient world (?)

Cultural Intelligence

APAC Report: Urban Farming

Concerns about food security, climate change and loss of livelihood are reaffirming urban farming as a model for sustainable living in Asias megacities. A market and trend report submitted to LSN Global. 

APAC Report: Ghost Kitchens

Food delivery platforms are bringing restaurant kitchens and bar culture into homes as new business models and Covid-19 disrupt the local food industry. A market and trend report submitted to LSN Global.

Culture Pulse: Luxury

Local market, culture and trend report for Diageo about the state of luxury in Singapore.

Culture Pulse: F&B

Local market, culture and trend report for the Mondrian about the future trends shaping F&B in Singapore.

Cultural Positioning

'Uncle' Drinking Culture with Guinness

Ethnographic study into the drinking culture of kopitiam uncles in Singapore in order to understand how to reposition Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

'Supermarket Culture' with the Fair Price Group

Led the ethnographic research for the winning pitch for Iris Singapore for the Fair Price Group. 

'Maverick Culture' with Jagermeister China

Working with a research agency to curate a network of ‘mavericks’ in China to drip feed insights about escalation moments to develop new activation ideas across on-trade promotions, drink rituals, channel marketing, merchandise, events and partnerships. 

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